Xela - Panajachel US$ 829

Day 1

We moved from the city of Tapachula to the border city of Suchiate (Chiapas), by public transport (shared only tourists), to carry out the immigration process to Guatemala, we entered Guatemala by Tecun Uman Customs. Approximate time 1 hour with 30 minutes. We will move from TecunUmán, San Marcos towards the city of Quetzaltenango via the Colomba road, it is a mountainous road and its road is in excellent condition. Approximate time 2 hours with 3 minutes. 1st. Overnight at Hotel (Quetzaltenango).

Day 2

Tour around the city of Quetzaltenango, visiting the historic center, museums, colonial churches, monuments, markets. Complete day. 2nd Overnight at Hotel (Quetzaltenango).

Day 3

Transfer from Quetzaltenango to Panajachel. We will visit the historical center of Totonicapan. 3rd Overnight at Hotel (Panajachel)

Day 4

Atitlan collective tour with certified guide (bilingual), visiting 3 locations around Lake Atitlan. San Pedro, San Juan and Santiago Atitlán. In San Juan la Laguna it is a cultural tour with crafts and community tourism, in San Pedro la Laguna we visit the local church, the market and a cafe, and in Santiago la Laguna we visit the Catholic Church the market and the shops of the whole city.

Day 5

Transfer from Panajachel to Tapachula, we crossed the Guatemalan border with Mexico, between the cities of suchiate and tecun uman, then we moved to the city of tapachula. Approximate time 4 hours.


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